Welcome! I’m Lukas Korff.

Part evangelist, fitness enthusiast and family man– devil butt kicker with a bit of a hip hop swagger; I love to inspire!

My mission is to add more value to your world by simply sharing in my blog the value that I have added live over the years in churches, organisations and schools country wide by giving you tools that you can immediately use to “rev up the gift inside you’.

A born-n-raised Joburg joller from Hillbrow with nothing more than a crazy near death experience and massive miracle that would raise me from my sickbed and give me a second chance in life… I’ve been STANDING for my God ever since.

Through setting different world records in various disciplines and endurance events (not Guinness world record until officiated by them) to being a author, speaker, narrator, songwriter and entrepreneur.

I specialize in inspiring people to “never, never, never NOT stand!”

In the last few years, I’ve gone from being happily married and living in a penthouse on the beautiful Blaauwberg beachfront in Cape Town, one of the directors of a successful financial services company specializing in asset structuring (using Trusts) and Life Insurance (focusing on making sure our loved ones are looked after).

I was full of expectancy for the future; to losing everything (including the will to live). Who could have possibly imagined that I would throw my 1st wife’s ashes into the wind on the same mountain top that we got married on a few years earlier…I held her hand to the very end as she lost the fight against Cystic Fibroses…

Depressed, undernourished and weak after many months of closed curtains and no contact with friends and loved ones, I lost my will to carry on and was fighting a losing battle against the voices of ”why”…

“Miracle Cuzzy” became my nick name after God graciously raised me up from the ‘dark night of my soul”. I chose to pay it forward and speak of my “miracle moment” to whoever cared to listen. My story has been featured Espn, Super Sport, Mnet and various news papers and radio stations. Some of my words became melodies that became songs. A special friend recorded these songs onto an album for me and “Miracle the CD” was born. Two of these songs have been featured internationally.

I then built a youth centre in my community with a skate park, games room, fitness centre, street soccer, basket ball court and even a boxing academy for kids; spoke to 1000’s of kids in schools challenging them to “STAND” because ‘if you stand for nothing, you fall for anything”!

As I shared this statement with a kid at the GenX Youth Centre he paused for a moment and said “ok cool pastor, why don’t you “STAND” for the entire Argus cycle race in Cape Town in aid of the youth centre? I took the dare and cycled the entire 106km “STANDING UP” (without a saddle or a pole on my bike)!!! That successful completion of that event became my 1st world record.

This experience reminded me of a time in my life where I was lying on a dusty road after a horrific car accident and then being told that I would never walk again… Four very specific thoughts echoed in my mind that day that I promised God I would live by if He saved my life…

  1. To Love God,
  2. To Love People,
  3. To Love Life,
  4. and to Leave a Legacy.

That’s how my mission was birthed:

  • Help 1 000 000 people grow closer to God on social media and live events.
  • Help 1000 people to do the “FIT100 Transformation Challenge” and live healthier lives.
  • Help 100 people to set their 1st world record in aid of a good cause.
  • Help 100 schools get a copy of the Audio Bible in 2015.

My “new” wife (yes I am happily married again with a woman that showed me unconditional love) and our beautiful baby girl and boy fuels my mission with a fire and desire to STAND as a husband and father; and Love God, Love people, Love Life (which is easy with my little family) and to leave a legacy to my children:)

On this blog you’ll find videos and posts about inspiration regarding these four things… about taking every moment in life and making it matter… about empowering yourself to step into your potential… I hope to simply inspire you to a more authentic you.

You’ll also get ideas, resources and strategies for how to build a successful, profitable online brand by just being yourself and be willing to pay it forward.

If what I have said so far resonates with you in any way; please stay tuned to my blog and allow me to add value to your life